Via Comm. Seb. Simone, 36
Calatafimi Segesta (TP) – Sicily
Tel: +39.0924.952944

In 1983 Vincenzo Taranto, supported by his family, starts a career in the retail system, he opens in Calatafimi Segesta “Piccadilly Gioie”, a small store, that operated for some years in the accessories, jewellery and costume jewellery scenario. Lead by passion and curiosity about gems, Vincenzo, with his brother Rosario, attends to famous fairs, in exotic places like Japan and China, where with time and experience they learn how to recognise gemstones’ quality and convenience. The brothers, gradually move their interest into the more fascinating world of gems. In 1992 Rosario graduates as “Gemologist” at the IGM (Mediterranean Institute of Gemology). Together, in 2010 they start with “Planet Gems”. Made stronger by the experience and the knowledge achieved, they translate in great advance, the massive actual trend of customisation of personal items, such as jewels. Since then, Planet Gems gives to their customers not just the chance to have a good quality and certified jewel, moreover the chance to imagine the jewel of their dreams, choose the favourite stone and the setting style, allowing anyone to wear a one in a million piece. Every jewel commissioned to Planet Gems is handmade by the finest Sicilian and Italian artisans. Planet Gems works in collaboration with goldsmiths from all over Italy, from Sicily to Lombardia and Veneto. Meanwhile from 1997, the company studies the artisan techniques for the creation of typical Pictures decorated with Trapani’s coral. In the traditional scenario, coral has been easily reachable and at the same time a very precious good, for this reason in the past it was often used to decorate religious and laic artefacts such as pictures and statues. Planet Gems starts to use the expertise acquired during the years about gemstones and applies it into a branch of the company that since then will produce totally customisable pictures with Mediterranean coral. In a jewel, as in a piece of art, we try to find just a moment of escape, an instant of beauty and harmony. Planet Gems is a small reality that Vincenzo and Rosario built with passion and extreme dedication. They commit deeply because their own and their partners’ professionalism may be the tool to give to clients the chance to obtain the object of their dreams.

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Planet Gems srl – Via Comm. Seb. Simone, 36 – 91013 Calatafimi Segesta (TP) – Sicily
Tel: 334.6893184 – P.iva: 02362630812

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